Saturday, May 7, 2011


Just haven't got the hang of this blogging yet.  Keep thinking about it, but that seems as far as I get.  So I am going to make a concentrated effort to post more often as really do have some things to let people know.

So last night, we went to BRGR for dinner.  We have been there a couple times before and I am not disappointed in the quality and taste of their burgers!  Absolutely fantastic!  Our friends had not been there before and were true Blanc admirers, and well, think they have definitely changed their minds. 

While we would have enjoyed sitting in their open air area, when we arrived at 8:30pm, it would have still been a wait of 20-30 minutes, so opted to eat inside with no wait.  Dinner was definitely a "hats off experience".  Now service, ummmmm, after we sat down, we waited for at least 10 minutes and finally had to flag someone down and ask where our server was and low and behold, it was him.  Well, that didn't start our relationship off too well as now he had shall we say a chip on his shoulder...but never fear, we did not let this spoil our evening and we overcame.  Rather disappointing that our service level had not been as good as on previous visits to BRGR, but hey, it was adequate at best. 

So next time you are in the neighborhood of Corinth Square on Mission Road, definitely stop in and grab a burger from BRGR.  You will not be disappointed.

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