Friday, December 23, 2011

So Much...

has happened over the past few weeks I keep with grand intentions to create and maintain this blog...but have no fear it will sustain.  I find it hard to believe Christmas is yet again on us.  With the economy on the rebound in retail sales, I find it ironic almost everyone I know is cutting back this year but yet its on the rebound.  Ummmm.  Guess we are all running in different circles.  I really don't mind cutting back as I find that we have put more thought into gifts instead of just buying. 

And still I have this fascination for talk radio.  I just can't get over how many intelligent people there are out there when they have the chance to speak on the is scary honestly.  I do however agree that all of Congress needs to be voted out and replaced.  When are Americans going to wake up and realize they can do something, get rid of them all in their cush political jobs and get some new blood in there.  They can't do any worse...not turning this into a political outlet, but come on.  Haven't you had enough?

And let's talk about customer service...I was at Sam's last evening and man, I thought the employee's were exceptionally friendly for this time of year.  The guy that checked me out was talkative and very polite.  A nice change.   And to all, more later...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Talk Radio and more...

Over the past few days, I have been listening more to talk radio and become somewhat fascinated and annoyed at the same time.  While everyone has an opinion, it seems ironic that everyone also has the solution, but then I shouldn't be surprised.  While I must admit I do agree with some of the commentaries I have heard, some of the solutions have been so right winged and out there, impossible to instigate.  The upcoming elections are taking center stage and rightfully so based upon present economic conditions and as you can imagine, opinions from everyone on everything.  The one thing that seems to be consistent with all the people expressing their opinions is the fact our Congressional elected officials for the most part are all milking the system.  They are not watching their retirement dollars shrink, not concerned about their health care benefits, nor social security and how they will live after they retire from office.  If only we all could be so lucky.  Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to run for office nor most of my friends.  That doesn't mean we are not just as qualified as those in office, but we do not have the political pull to get there.  Maybe then I wouldn't have to worry about retiring one of these days or my own health care.  The system really does need to be changed, but how...  It doesn't matter whether you like Obama or not, he did not create all the mess we are in now.  I certainly would not want to be in his shoes.  But do you really think anyone else truly has a chance to beat him in 2012.  Who would truly want to step into this position now and rumor has it, the Republicans really do not want a person in that office the next 4 years just in case the economy tanks further...encouraging don't you think.  As for myself, it's business as usual and I will be watching and listening to everything.  I will only support those candidates that I feel can make a difference and I will certainly be speaking out.  That is what we all need to do, so what are you waiting for...

Friday, December 2, 2011


So news today of the unemployment rate for November decreasing is causing quite a stir.  Stock market reacting favorably and appears news being well taken.  The fact that 120,000 new jobs have been filled is fantastic news, but the fact that 320,000 people just gave up looking for work, took social security or whatever is sad.  While these figures are out there, it seems no one is really taking it seriously except it is just a part of the economic statistics to be followed. Ummmm.

And I have been listening to more talk radio.  OMG, I did not realize the world was so full of experts on every topic.  Why don't we have these people in positions of power and the world would have no issues.  I did not realize I was surrounded by such greatness.  And to think all this time people have been worrying about things that could have been resolved so easily.  Makes me anxious to just get back into the car so I can listen more. 

More to come so stay tuned...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December One

Here it is, December 1st, a monumental day, at least it is for Terri and I...32 years of marriage.  My how time flies and how did we sustain that many years.  Actually, it wasn't hard when you have a unbelievable partner to take on all the challenges that life throws your way...and is still throwing everyday.  Ok, so I got sick over the Thanksgiving holiday, stuffy noise, can't breath, you know the kind, and now, I shared it with Terri, and she wishes I didn't, so looks like we will be taking a rain check on dinner.  Anyway, I am going to work at this blog and see how it goes.  I certainly hope you will tune in and I will try to keep things light and lively that will make you want to read...only 23 more shopping days !

Monday, November 21, 2011

Too Long...

My original intent was to start a blog focusing on Kansas City Restaurants as we are constantly eating out and wanted to relay our experience.  So much is happening in other areas of our lives as well as others, I have decided the best way to utilize this blog is to make it informative with relevant content for all.  So as of today, that is what you are getting.  Tell your friends and neighbors to subscribe as you may never know what you are going to read.  Interesting facts I promise you that...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cascone's Again

A friend called and asked if we would join him at Cascone's for dinner which in our book was a no brainer. Always great food and an enjoyable evening.  But what is it about some restaurant owners and their wives that think they are doing you a favor by seating you and serving you dinner?  Did I miss something along the line somewhere or shouldn't this be the other way around?  I certainly wouldn't give the hostess, and in this case a family member any kudos for personality, friendliness, or making you feel welcome.  A smile certainly would not have hurt, but don't think she has done that in years. 

We were seated in the bar as they had some "private party" in the entire dining room.  Ummm, but okay.  The bartender was the only server in the entire area and needless to say, she was running as in a marathon.  Relatively speaking, she did a very good job in keeping up with all the patrons at the bar and serving all the tables that were almost now full in the bar due to "this private party".  They actually could have used another server on the floor in the bar if they knew they had this event, but hey, guess the party planning department wasn't communicating with the staffing department. 

Dinner came and as usual, was done in true Cascone style...delicious!   
Shrimp Fettuccine, Chicken Lemonada, and Chicken Spedini.  The only thing that could have been improved upon was the Spedini which was what our friend was having and said it could have used a tad bit more sauce, but otherwise a crowd pleaser. 

Now here is what I don't get...we see the owner come on the floor and gravitate to only one table, evidently someone he knows and asks how dinner is and if everything is alright which was overheard by other tables.  Stops and has a bit of small talk with them and when that is finished turns and heads directly, do not pass go, straight line back to the kitchen without looking or speaking with anyone else.  Wouldn't be just a common curiosity to stop at a few other tables and inquire as to how their dinner was, if everything was alright, blah blah blah.  Now don't know about you, but made me feel as "his friends" visit was the only one that counted and my money wasn't appreciated.  So, while our friendly server did a very good job in keeping up with everything she had on her plate and ours, good food and of course good company, it will probably be a while before we go back just because of the owner's attitude.  Hey, maybe you think that is trivial, but there are alot of restaurants in Kansas City who do make you feel welcome, and if Cascone's owners want to cater to their friends, hey let them.  Guess their friends money is more important than mine so will be taking it elsewhere for a while.  Let me know your thoughts...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Just haven't got the hang of this blogging yet.  Keep thinking about it, but that seems as far as I get.  So I am going to make a concentrated effort to post more often as really do have some things to let people know.

So last night, we went to BRGR for dinner.  We have been there a couple times before and I am not disappointed in the quality and taste of their burgers!  Absolutely fantastic!  Our friends had not been there before and were true Blanc admirers, and well, think they have definitely changed their minds. 

While we would have enjoyed sitting in their open air area, when we arrived at 8:30pm, it would have still been a wait of 20-30 minutes, so opted to eat inside with no wait.  Dinner was definitely a "hats off experience".  Now service, ummmmm, after we sat down, we waited for at least 10 minutes and finally had to flag someone down and ask where our server was and low and behold, it was him.  Well, that didn't start our relationship off too well as now he had shall we say a chip on his shoulder...but never fear, we did not let this spoil our evening and we overcame.  Rather disappointing that our service level had not been as good as on previous visits to BRGR, but hey, it was adequate at best. 

So next time you are in the neighborhood of Corinth Square on Mission Road, definitely stop in and grab a burger from BRGR.  You will not be disappointed.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What Direction to Go...

With so many things to do in the city, so many places to go, so many restaurants to dine at, and so many other things happening, the question now becomes should I focus on just one topic or give a broad overview of happenings and interesting stuff?  For example, Jazzoo 2011, voted Kansas City's best charitable event of the year continuously is just alittle over 60 days away.  Do you have your tickets yet?  If not go to to purchase. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A night at Cascone's...and what can I say but great.  My wife had the Chicken Lemonade, always a favorite and I had the special of the night, Frank's Pasta (but on the menu they left the ' off) anyway, prawns in a light white wine and garlic sauce with tomatoes and spinach...yummmmmm !  Bread and salad aways a highlight.  Service, very good but she seemed alittle rushed and on Tuesday, not really crowded.  And best part about it, used my KC Originals card and got DOUBLE POINTS !!  Go for it.  You won't be disappointed.

Kansas City Restaurants

So I have decided since we spend so much time eating out, why not tell you what is good and what is great, and yes, it works the other way also, what isn't worth your time.  So tonight, we are going to an old favorite...Cascone's.  Will let you know later how it is as we haven't been there since Valentine's Day...ahhhh.  How romantic.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Can you believe this weather?  And I can't believe how many businesses are actually closing...a good day to work at home and oh yeah, maybe later, go out and shovel, and then shovel some more.  This will be a productive day for me.