Friday, December 2, 2011


So news today of the unemployment rate for November decreasing is causing quite a stir.  Stock market reacting favorably and appears news being well taken.  The fact that 120,000 new jobs have been filled is fantastic news, but the fact that 320,000 people just gave up looking for work, took social security or whatever is sad.  While these figures are out there, it seems no one is really taking it seriously except it is just a part of the economic statistics to be followed. Ummmm.

And I have been listening to more talk radio.  OMG, I did not realize the world was so full of experts on every topic.  Why don't we have these people in positions of power and the world would have no issues.  I did not realize I was surrounded by such greatness.  And to think all this time people have been worrying about things that could have been resolved so easily.  Makes me anxious to just get back into the car so I can listen more. 

More to come so stay tuned...

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