Thursday, December 1, 2011

December One

Here it is, December 1st, a monumental day, at least it is for Terri and I...32 years of marriage.  My how time flies and how did we sustain that many years.  Actually, it wasn't hard when you have a unbelievable partner to take on all the challenges that life throws your way...and is still throwing everyday.  Ok, so I got sick over the Thanksgiving holiday, stuffy noise, can't breath, you know the kind, and now, I shared it with Terri, and she wishes I didn't, so looks like we will be taking a rain check on dinner.  Anyway, I am going to work at this blog and see how it goes.  I certainly hope you will tune in and I will try to keep things light and lively that will make you want to read...only 23 more shopping days !

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