Friday, December 23, 2011

So Much...

has happened over the past few weeks I keep with grand intentions to create and maintain this blog...but have no fear it will sustain.  I find it hard to believe Christmas is yet again on us.  With the economy on the rebound in retail sales, I find it ironic almost everyone I know is cutting back this year but yet its on the rebound.  Ummmm.  Guess we are all running in different circles.  I really don't mind cutting back as I find that we have put more thought into gifts instead of just buying. 

And still I have this fascination for talk radio.  I just can't get over how many intelligent people there are out there when they have the chance to speak on the is scary honestly.  I do however agree that all of Congress needs to be voted out and replaced.  When are Americans going to wake up and realize they can do something, get rid of them all in their cush political jobs and get some new blood in there.  They can't do any worse...not turning this into a political outlet, but come on.  Haven't you had enough?

And let's talk about customer service...I was at Sam's last evening and man, I thought the employee's were exceptionally friendly for this time of year.  The guy that checked me out was talkative and very polite.  A nice change.   And to all, more later...

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