Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another week...

Whether you had the day off yesterday or worked, we are now upon another week and closer to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.  I can't believe all the articles I am seeing now about Black Friday and Cyber Monday...and then there are the stores that will now be open on Thanksgiving Day.  I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving Day is a day all about Family...not shopping so you won't catch me out.  I think everyone should veto the stores open that day, but I realize how bargain hungry we have all gotten.

I work with my business almost every day of the year including weekends as that's what it takes.  Oh yes, I do have my play time, but I owe it to my clients to help them grow their business however they can and get them noticed.  So if you are in need of a social media and public relations firm, contact me as we can't be beat for our service and our pricing is very competitive.  Let us put you in the spotlight.

And on another note, I am over all the celebrities doing actually crazy and ironic things to be noticed.  I guess that is all a part of the game, but I am not buying into it at all.  I watched DWTS last night and America, are you crazy keeping Bill.  While we all know this is a popularity contest, you let someone with talent go to keep a stiff ole guy who has no chance of winning, or does he.  I am also over it as that should have never happened.  If I was Bill, I would have stepped down as he was as in shock, just like the judges were that he was staying.  And bravo to Jack Osborne, he has really come a long way and I am quite impressed.

Well, on to another day with appointments and helping my clients get noticed.  What have you done for your clients lately?  Have a great week !

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Okay, it's been since July I have written.  Why do I find it so hard to Blog?  I will say it once again, I will try to do better as I really do have alot to say...My company is doing very well but there is always room for more.  I didn't realize there were so many people out there that are in need of someone to take care of their social media for them and all of their press.  If you know of anyone in need of our services, please send them my way or direct them to our website at www.kneticgroup.com to contact us.  We may be looking for someone to join our team if we keep getting accounts which is great.  Maybe only a part time gig at first but could develop into more...wishful thinking on my part. 

So tell me what you think of our banks these days?  I have had some interesting and enlightening experiences lately with banks and not to mention any names, I am still taking it all in.  It seem while they are highly regulated, they still can pretty much do what they want to with your money...I think for now I will leave it at that.

And my friends at Diego's have a new opening date for their restaurant in Gladstone after some major set backs.  It is scheduled to open Friday December 6th.  Anyone want to have a cocktail with me there that night as surely going to be a "grand" opening and I have high expectations which they have assured me they will be meeting.

Three weeks from today...Thanksgiving and then the dreaded Black Friday.  I will be staying in no matter how great the bargains are as I really don't need it that bad.  Besides, my Pinot Nior will be calling me later that day.

Have a good one everyone and I will try, no promises to be better about Blogging.  Who knows, if I try I might do it...