Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've been bad...

Wow...I can't believe it has been since April I have written anything.  Guess maybe I have been busy...but that is no excuse.  So, I am going to try very hard to write more on what is happening in general.  My thoughts, what is happening and how I feel about some things...

So first upon my list is the fact I am not happy with the health insurance industry.  Especially in filling perscription drugs.  So here is the latest, I have a script for a med and of course, the insurance company will not approve the name brand the doctor wrote, but if they do, they want me to pay an outragious co pay.  Unacceptable, so I take the generic substitute and guess what, it is an inferior product, but I am held hostage now by the insurance company.   And they say they have our best interests at heart.    

Now here's another kicker...I just found out the insurance companies are limiting the amount of Viagra, Cialis, or Levetra you may get within a month regardless of what the doctors persripction says.  So, in my mind it appears the insurance company is now limiting the number of times you may play within a month for those that really need it.  Give me a break, now we have people scrutinzing our personal sex lives...OMG. 

So the time change is here and getting darker earlier.  Man does that make me tired quicker in the evening.   I just get used to a routine and then have to change and get used to another.  OK, that is enough for today, but will try to be back tomorrow.  Have a good one !

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