Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wow the week is just rolling by.  I was surprised by my cousin from Minnesota visiting the past couple of days and good to see him.  However think he is the one responsible for bringing this weather as it snowed there yesterday.  And I just bought all my plants on Sunday for the deck...what's up with that?  We went out with him last evening to 54th Street and they have a great happy hour, not only on cocktails, but all full size appetizers are only $4.99 and their sliders are great and only $1.50 each.  We were stuffed.

The youngest is getting ready to come home Thursday for a week.  Haven't seen her since Christmas so will be happy to have her home for a while.  Celebrating her birthday with the fam and friends.  She has already given Mom several of her favorite dishes she wants while she is here and given Dad a few of her favorite restaurants, so looks like a lot of eating and drinking.

On another note, I have to vent about Home Depot.  I was looking for a specific products and had already been to several stores to no avail and gone home see where I might call instead of running around to find it.  I  called Home Depot and sure enough they said they carried it and asked them if they had it in stock.  Yes, sure do.  So make a trip to Home Depot only to find out that they never checked the shelve, looked it up on computer and it showed they had it in stock, but in reality they had none.  When I asked the clerk on the floor about it and explained the situation, he was very apologetic and said evidently just a computer error.
What wonderful customer service that the person I spoke with originally was too lazy to go look.  Not to mention their phone system, after navigating or not my way thru their automated process, bring cut off twice, put on hold one time for 8 minutes (I like to see how long it takes) and hanging up and saying "do not put me on hold" before I got the wrong information.  No wonder I never see that many people at Home Depot anymore since Lowe's opened....ummmm.

Well, got my coat out of the closet still today and hopefully will be putting it back in for good after today.  Happy Wednesday everyone and stay warm...

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